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Pluto in house 4

This is not a simple aspect. It is acting from the depths of your psyche, where earlier experiences play a role. This can bring about a profound transformation in your psyche, of which you are both affected. You can not avoid this transformation. The best way will be to confront emerging problems immediately, otherwise it will be subliminally present all the time, until you break up violently. It could also be that you see manipulative attacks on the part of your relatives coming to light, you are not pleased with at all. Especially if you both live together, tensions are most likely. You will simultaneously experience the support that is necessary to address these profound changes. You get so much more if you do not push your problems too long on the back burner, because otherwise a general uncertainty could spread and you will only get more problems to control the situation. In favorable cases, Pluto may also be an inexhaustible source of strength for you.