Conjunctions in a Combine Horoscope

Mars in conjunction with Ascendant

This can be a conducive or obstructive aspect. Whether it is more supportive or not will be an indication of the extent to which you reinforce each other and form a strong bond, or whether you are constantly provoking and arguing. Are you able to compromise or are the tones between you rather rough? Do you like to let your resentment against your partner out or do you feel patronized by your partner? If your egoism is exaggerated and leads you to a fighting mood towards your partner, then you should really ask yourself whether you're not better separated. In the negative case, you will carry your moods outwards and won't leave a pleasant impression. If you manage to maintain your ego in a healthy way, it will also have a positive effect on your partnership. You will be able to achieve a lot together, because you have more energy than if you were to pursue your goals alone. Pay attention to other supporting aspects.