Conjunctions in a Combine Horoscope

Mars in conjunction with Neptune

This is an obstructive aspect. Normally, Mars aspects in a partnership tend to strengthen the partners, but with Neptune in a conjunction, this characteristic reverses itself so that you lose self-confidence and strength overall in this partnership. You become insecure in your actions and believe that you are simply allowed to have certain things. One of you may sacrifice himself for the partner and places himself in a dependency, which can lead to feelings of guilt for the other. You grab each other in cotton wool, but you can't really express your feelings, especially when they're not so good. All in all, you could be quite frustrated with your personal development after some time. Things are different on the spiritual level. There you will get to know each other much better and maybe you will be able to reach a new state of consciousness that overcomes the ego forces and thus allows a more complete interaction with each other.