Conjunctions in a Combine Horoscope

Mars in conjunction with Pluto

This is an aspect in which you can decide for yourself whether it is conducive or not. You gain a high degree of power and energy through this conjunction. If you are unaware of these energies, they are mostly used for egoistic, selfish purposes that will cause problems in your partnership and acquaintance. You deal with each other relatively militantly or with a ruthless sensitivity to get your way through. Against your enemies, you can use your full potential, which can sometimes include your partner. However, this conjunction is experienced positively if you really love each other and practice tolerance. Then you will pursue your goals with a strong drive to assert yourself and change positively. The people in your environment will also benefit from your skills, because you can work very hard on your tasks and successfully implement them. You can cause major changes in your environment. In sexuality, Mars energy and the passionate side of Pluto will be able to unfold to the full.