Conjunctions in a Combine Horoscope

Neptune in conjunction with Ascendant

This is a conducive aspect. In a wonderful way you have the feeling that you have found your soul mate. The feelings can be so strong that you really believe you have found the highest form of love and merge into a unity. You don't need a lot of words to feel what's going on in your partner. But this is more likely to be the case in a Platonic relationship, because if you have a sexual connection, you might think that what you are doing is not right. Neptune is more about a spiritual ideal that wants to be attained. In reality, such a connection with these high ideals is not possible. Rather, the connection between rescuer and victim, which is typical of Neptune, is also evident here, in which the rescuer would rather be rescued. And that is exactly what becomes a problem. If you in your partner do not see what he really is in reality, but only project your ideal image onto him mentally, you will be disappointed.