Conjunctions in a Combine Horoscope

Saturn in conjunction with Ascendant

This is a conducive aspect. Your relationship will be extremely cohesive. You need someone you can rely on. You do not make high demands, but you can build up a lot together. You behave according to very strict rules, so if one of you gets a problem with it, he may be unhappy in this respect. Most of the time, such partners are not able to break away from the connection, because they have good reasons in their opinion. In fact, these are more of a pretext. You should not enter into a relationship if you do not feel the feeling of true love, because you may have entered into the relationship for a pure need for security or for material reasons, then you will surely be very unhappy in this relationship in the long run. It could also be if there are no compensatory factors, a partnership that is not very lively will be the result.