Oppositions in a Combine Horoscope

Jupiter in opposition with Saturn

This is an obstructive aspect. Here, two opposing forces meet, which are not able to cope with each other in the opposition. Jupiter's optimistic, dynamic personality-building force stands in contrast to the anxious Saturn, who is not keen on experimenting, anxious about order and structure. You will be constantly torn back and forth to take the next step in your ideas. First you are enthusiastic and the next moment you will hear any objections that make it difficult for you to develop. You don't just want to rush off on it, you want to insure yourself against all circumstances. You interfere with each other's progress. Another form of expression of this aspect could be a constant alternation between an optimistic and a pessimistic mood. These moods may also happen at the same time, so that one person is in a good mood, the other person is in a bad mood and you slow down.