Oppositions in a Combine Horoscope

Saturn in opposition with Pluto

This is an obstructive aspect. Pluto in the horoscope stands for deep psychological change, while Saturn stands for stability, rigidity and immobility. With this aspect, this will be expressed in such a way that at least one of you does not want to allow the changes to happen, or both do not want to allow alternate changes, which are extremely important in relationships, but not only in relationships. Exactly this problem will lead to serious arguments again and again. However, until there is an outburst of rage, the anger will first accumulate and then break out in a violent expression of emotion. However, it is possible that you will stay together for a longer period of time, as you will be able to endure a lot, which will prove to be particularly useful in bad times, so that you will not go far because of every little thing. Allow changes and you can lead a stable relationship.