Oppositions in a Combine Horoscope

Venus in opposition with Neptune

This is an obstructive aspect. You seem to be head over heels in love and believe you have found your soul mate. You can develop a spiritual love out of it, which will lead you to undreamt-of heights of love. However, the disillusionment will be all the more blatant if it turns out that the image you have projected onto the other one is not at all consistent with reality. Most of the time this is exactly what will happen, because only very few people, if there are any at all, will fit your ideal image. The disappointment will also be very strong, as you are capable of very strong feelings. A further point could be that in your love, which is there for sure, is very beautiful and will never pass away, you leave everyday life alone. This can have serious consequences. You have to devote yourself to the daily chores if you cannot live on air and love.