Squares in the Combine Horoscope

Moon in square with Pluto

This is an obstructive aspect. You will share very intense and passionate feelings with each other. You are very concerned with each other's psyche and want to learn as much as possible about each other. You want to use all this to make your partner what you think is right. This is precisely where it becomes a problem, because none of you would like to be manipulated in this way. If you argue with each other, there is a danger that you can use your knowledge against your partner and thus cause considerable damage. You also tend to be quite jealous and want to be with your partner as often as possible. This goes so far in the extreme that you don't leave any room to develop independently. The best thing you can do to avoid the problems shown above is to accept your partner as he/she is and give him/her the freedom to develop his/her personal development. Then deep changes in consciousness can occur, from which you both benefit.