Sextile in a Combine Horoscope

Mars in sextile with Neptune

This is a conducive aspect. You have a good feeling or intuition because of the special wire you have with each other. You treat each other with respect and gentleness, even when you argue with each other. Sexuality is more likely to be lived in a spiritual union than in the physical one. You are quite good-natured towards other people and should be careful not to be exploited. You have met because together you have a task that may be in the spiritual or psychological realm. You have the same ideals and probably want to do good for the society. Your common action will change you. However, you need to make sure that you have real clarity about your goals, otherwise you may get quite confused and no longer know what you are doing. But with Neptune, it's always a bit difficult to keep track of things. Just try to understand what's happening and you'll see.