Sextile in a Combine Horoscope

Neptune in sextile with Ascendant

This is a conducive aspect. You are very sensitive to each other and can respond to your partner's needs. You really appreciate the feelings you share with each other. You are considerate and help each other. Communication between you and your partner is virtually devoid of words, because you have an excellent feeling for your partner. You have a good intuition and your connection is very well suited to deal with spirituality. You are probably attracted to these topics anyway. You may therefore see sexuality in a different light and would like to do without it. In that sense, your relationship may be more suited to friendship. In a partnership, your partner may appear to you as a very special person, but try to create a realistic picture. You should tell your opinion, too, because for the sake of harmony you might be holding back too much. This way your partner will get a better picture of you.