Trine in a Combine Horoscope

Mars in trine with Saturn

This is an obstructive aspect. Your relationship is marked by seriousness. The things you do together are done slowly and carefully. You'll be thinking about it for quite a while until you make a decision. Your behaviour in the partnership can be described as inflexible, because over time you will develop behaviours that partly arise as a reaction to your partner's behaviour. You are not able to discard these routines on your own initiative and thus bring some vitality into the relationship. If you manage to react differently from your usual, your relationship could have more fun. You try to maintain your relationship through rules and you limit yourself more than necessary. Opportunities of any kind that arise in your life will probably not be seized, because either you will react too inflexibly or you are too slow. In doing so, you basically work together quite well and could also manage to have a stable, reliable relationship.