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Risks and Dangers using the Internet

You may not use these pages until you have read the following text

Following a recent ruling on data protection in Germany, I would like to point out that the following pages may include advertising and Google AdSense, Facebook plug-ins, Google plug-ins and Twitter plugins (not all of them are included, but may be available in the future).

Plugins are for example the Facebook Like button. These plugins and advertising have been used by many private and commercial websites for years. These plug-ins and advertisements collect user behavior data from the time you open the site, probably the IP address you are using on the Internet, and they may store cookies on your computer. It is said that these plugins collect unsolicited personal data of website visitors.

In addition to these normal plug-ins and the advertising that collect data, there is of course no guarantee that secret services from all over the world, governmental organisations, lawyers and helpers as well as all kinds of search engines, viruses, phishing software, worms, trojans and everything else that exists try to spy on your usage of the Internet.

I cannot tell you which data is actually collected by these companies when you visit my site, so please contact Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, whose services may be included in the following pages. I also believe that these companies and organizations violate the privacy policy if they tell me what information they have about you. If you want to use the pages of Partnerbarometer, you automatically agree that I can only give you information about the data, which are requested on my pages via input fields. You are aware that by using the Internet in general and therefore also by using my pages, they are collecting data about you and your user behaviour. Partner barometer does not collect data on user behaviour.

Otherwise, I must expressly forbid you to use my pages (and the Internet).

You should know this before you start

When you log in as a guest, the birth data is stored in a cookie created on your computer by the browser. This cookie stores this data for a few days before it is automatically deleted. When you return to the site, the data you entered during your last visit can be used again.

To carry out the calculations, the date of birth, time and place of birth are queried. Without this information, a calculation is not possible. The dates of birth must be as precise as possible. Because only a few minutes difference can cause one or even several planets to stand in another house and thus the horoscope will at least partly turn out differently.

Best wishes and good luck.