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What is a Partnerbarometer?

This is the particular on this partner horoscope page. An evaluation of 17 different characteristics related to a partner horoscope is created and is shown in a bar chart - the Partnerbarometer. The attributes are divided into those that are conducive to a relationship and those that can cause problems. The degree to which each characteristic is determined in the chart is expressed by a percentage value. This makes it possible to gain an impression of the partner horoscope with just one glance. What the bar chart cannot do, however, is to determine whether the percentage value is of many less potent aspects, which nevertheless exert an influence in their quantity, or whether the value conceals only one or more very good and strongly influential aspects. Only the horoscope with all the interpretive texts can tell you that.

The diagram can be created for a Combine, but also for a Composite Horoscope. A Combine horoscope is more likely to show how a relationship is affected in the long-term. The Composite horoscope expresses more the energies in a relationship that affect us in a relationship. It is therefore more like the birth chart of two people in a relationship with each other. It is also associated with the view that it describes more the beginning of a relationship.

Sun Sign and Ascendant

The sun sign is the sign in which the sun is present at the time of birth. Altogether there are 12 sun signs. So the sun is there for an average of 30 days. The Ascendant, in turn, is the sign that is on the horizon when you are born. The ascendant changes on average every 2 hours, because the zodiac signs on the horizon alternate one after the other.


But there are still some differences. Not every zodiac sign is equal in size. The Pisces, for example, is a quite small zodiac sign in the sky. The Cancer is a relatively large zodiac sign. When horoscopes are calculated, the result is that there are more people with a Cancer ascendant than there are people with a Pisces ascendant.

The sun sign describes the inner essence of a person, the ascendant rather describes how one person acts on another. It is also said that in the course of the years one evolves from the sun sign to the ascendant. That is also a life's work. If you have the same ascendant as the sun sign, then you may have something very important to learn in your life that you haven't been able to learn in a previous life. The help for this is provided by the planets that are distributed over the horoscope. And so I now come to the part that is especially important to me in relation to horoscopes, after what I have learned about astrology in the meantime.

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That's not enough!

Just as it is not enough to just describe the sun sign in a horoscope - we would not know what help was given to us on our way and what obstacles we should overcome - it is just meaningless for a partner horoscope to only look at the sun signs. So to say that a Cancer fits well with a Scorpion, but not so well with an Aries, because a water sign harmonizes well with a water sign, but with a fire sign a lot of steam develops, i. e. the fire-energy is extinguished by water.

A decisive step forward can be achieved by taking into account the position of Venus and Mars. They help us to make a statement about love and harmony or the motivating forces and sexual attraction. But what about the other planets, they don't play a role in a partner horoscope? Yes, they do! They even play a very important role. What would the soup be without the salt and vegetables? Try it out!

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Combin Horoscope

You can calculate a partner horoscope for yourself and any other person. For this you need the exact birth dates of both persons.

The horoscope is calculated according to the Combine method. The Combine method averages the birth times of both partners and the geographical location of the birthplaces to create a new horoscope. This method is not yet very old, but shows much better results in the calculation of partner horoscopes than the older Synastry method.

Using the Synastry method the planetary positions of two natal horoscopes are superimposed on each other and then the aspects that arise between the planets of the partners are considered.

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